Heath Ledger's Father Reveals What He Thinks About The Marriage Of Michelle Williams - Heath's Ex

Heath Ledger's Father Reveals What He Thinks About The Marriage Of Michelle Williams - Heath's Ex
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Kim Ledger, the father of the actor who passed away right after the release of Batman: Dark Knigh t, had nothing but nice things to say for his son's ex-girlfriend, Michelle Williams after she got married to Phil Elverum at the beginning of the month.

During a chat with The Goss on Sunday, July 29th, the father of the Batman star said, "we are terribly happy, it's great." Even though he wasn't in attendance for the wedding, he said that he hopes to "meet Elverum soon."

Kim said he and the rest of his family are private, as is Michelle, so he doesn't like to talk about her personal life that much in the media. He said, "but we are very happy for her."

In Vanity Fair's September issue 2018, Williams, who now has a 12-year-old daughter, talked about her relationship with Elverum. According to the actress, they got married in Adirondacks while only their two daughters and a tiny gathering of friends were present.

Despite the death of her boyfriend in 2008, an unbelievably tragic situation for her, the actress explained that she never "gave up on love." Interestingly, her husband had a similar situation, as his wife passed away two years ago in July 2016.

Elverum lost his wife due to pancreatic cancer, and Williams lost her man, Ledger, in January 2008, ten years ago.

Williams said she rarely talks about her relationships in the press, but for Phil, she's willing to talk about him, because she loves him that much. It's a romance that she appreciates so much, and feels the need to talk about it.

According to Williams, he loves her in the way that she wants her life to be on the whole. She said that Elverum makes her feel like she's truly free.


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