Head Of Weinstein's Defense Team Donna Rotunno Beefs With Gloria Allred

Head Of Weinstein's Defense Team Donna Rotunno Beefs With Gloria Allred
Credit: Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Donna Rotunno, the head of Harvey Weinstein's legal team, recently targeted Gloria Allred amid Weinstein's rape trial this week.

Page Six claims that before the case started for the day today, Donna Rotunno walked over to Gloria Allred, who was near the front and criticized her for discussing the fact that Rotunno had to skip town for a funeral.

Reportedly, if the jury didn't come up with a verdict by 3:00 pm today, they would stop discussing the trial so that Harvey's main attorney could leave town to attend a funeral. Nobody could hear Donna's words to Gloria, Page Six reported, but Allred's response was audible.

Allred said to her, "You are out of control!" before adding that she didn't say what Rotunno suggested. Allred accused her of distorting the truth. Damon Cheronis, Weinstein's other lawyer, took note of the interaction which became increasingly heated and then led her back to their table.

When Justice James Burke appeared before the bench, Donna made sure that everyone heard her criticism. She explained to the judge that the defense team wasn't allowed to discuss details of the case in the media, but the same rule doesn't apply to the prosecution.

Donna said to Justice James Burke that Allred was attacking her on a daily basis. Rotunno added that she thought it was "unprofessional" of Allred to publicly discuss that she had to attend a funeral.

Moreover, the defense attorney raised another issue, that being that Marci Liroff, a witness and casting director, had discussed the case on social media. Liroff said on social media that Rotunno was "cut from a different cloth" than everyone else, and that was her being "nice."

Addressing the tweet on the 19th of February, Rotunno stated that the government should let people know that witnesses would be tweeting about the trial while the jury is in the middle of deliberations.

As it was previously reported, Weinstein has been charged with several different sex abuse crimes, all instances stemming from three women, Annabella Sciorra, Jessica Mann, and Mimi Haleyi.

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