He Stole My Jokes! Howard Stern’s Former Sidekick Slams Star In New Tell-All

He Stole My Jokes! Howard Stern’s Former Sidekick Slams Star In New Tell-All
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According to Jackie Martling, his contributions were not given the proper credit. We have learned that Howard Stern’s former head writer also known as The Joke Man has decided to slam the man for all the jokes he wrote for him on the show during his 15 years long tenure.

In his new book, The Joke Man: Bow To Stern, Martling claims Stern gave him hardly any credit for his jokes.

‘The listeners knew there was a comedian sitting there, a laughing hyena who was part of the ensemble, but my written contributions were definitely, for the most part, hush-hush. Part of the reason no one was aware of how much I was writing, aside from it not being written about and talked about a lot, was that as much and as quickly as the show grew, it was an incredibly smooth operation from the moment of inception,’ the tell-all reads.

The comedian also recalled that one time he met Stern’s sister Ellen and she wondered when it was that her sibling became such a funny person.

And that is when Howard told his sister that it was Jackie who made him look like a funny man on TV so when Ellen approached the writer in a coffee show she was very happy to meet the person behind the jokes.

Martling admitted however that Howard would work the jokes in so seamlessly with his own words and stories and add so much to them that it would be really difficult for people to know how much Stern came up with and how much Martling contributed.

The comedian agreed with people that were always talking about how funny and witty Stern was – the only thing he wanted was to get his contribution credited and recognized.

According to reports, Howard Stern forbid his Stern Show friends from writing Martling’s book’s forward.

However, in the end, it was Artie Lange who did the honors.

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