Hayden Panettiere Holds Hands With Boyfriend Brian Hickerson’s Brother Zach Amid Domestic Violence Case

Hayden Panettiere Holds Hands With Boyfriend Brian Hickerson’s Brother Zach Amid Domestic Violence Case
Credit: Source CBS via YouTube

Nashville alum Hayden Panettiere was spotted holding hands with her boyfriend Brian Hickerson's brother Zach in New York City. The duo's cozy stroll occurs as Panettiere and Brian are in the midst of a domestic violence case .

Panettiere and Zach were photographed walking hand in hand down the NYC streets. In Touch Weekly was first to release the now-viral photos, which were reportedly taken last week.

The photographs can easily be misconstrued alluding that Zach and the Heroes star are more than friends. A source close to the Hickerson family set the record straight to the magazine.

"The relationship is not romantic. They have been friends for as long as she's been dating Brian; Zach and Brian are close," the unnamed source shared.

Whatever the state of Panettiere and Zach's relationship is, the pictures are definitely raising eyebrows. The actress and Brian have had a rocky union. In May, Brian was arrested for domestic violence after a night out in Hollywood with Panettiere.

The blonde beauty was later granted a prosecutor-requested protective order, which stated Brian must stay 100 yards away from Panettiere. It also prohibited Brian from contacting his girlfriend via phone, text, email, or any third party.

Brian was officially charged with domestic violence in July after sufficient evidence proved he had intentionally hurt the actress. A permanent protective order was granted, but the actress' family is concerned Panettiere and Brian are not following it and are still in touch. Violating the court order could land both of them in hot water with the courts.

"It's disturbing to family and friends that Hayden and Brian may not be following the court order. There is not one single person out there who isn't concerned about Hayden. What Brian did to Hayden is unacceptable behavior, and it's not to be tolerated," an insider shared with Us Weekly.

Photos have surfaced of Hayden Panettiere holding hands with the brother of her boyfriend Brian Hickerson. Although there is no romantic involvement between the actress and Zach, the sighting has her family worried.

Brian and Panettiere are not supposed to have any contact with each other. If she is spending time with his brother Zach, her family is terrified, it also means she is seeing or talking to Brian.

Their possible interaction is cause for concern not only because of the protective order but also because of Brian's violent behavior. The romance has been under scrutiny long before the domestic violence charges this past spring.


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