Hayden Panettiere Admits She ‘Hopes’ To Marry Boyfriend She's Been Dating For Only Six Months!

Hayden Panettiere Admits She ‘Hopes’ To Marry Boyfriend She's Been Dating For Only Six Months!
Credit: Source: radaronline.com

The actress and her new man, Brian Hickerson have been dating for about six months, but Hayden Panettiere is already sure he is the one for her! During an interview with US Weekly, Hayden opened up about their relationship and admitted that she ‘hopes’ they will end up tying the knot – wink, wink!

The star is in love, and she is not planning to hide it from the world!

‘I have lived a big life, I have met a lot of people. I learn something new from [Brian] every day, and that is something that not many people can provide me with,’ Hayden shared with the news outlet.

When asked whether or not she sees them as a married couple one day, she made it clear that ‘I think so. I hope so.’

Panettiere then proceeded to rave about everything she and her beau love to do together and it really does sounds like they are very well matched.

‘I love being low key, being mellow, having experiences, having conversations, really in-depth conversations,’ the actress explained, suggesting that it is exactly what she gets from her romance with Brian.

That explains why they are so rarely caught in public by the paparazzi – they just like to stay at home and hang out together! How sweet!

They were however seen a week ago, on January 31 and it was for the first time in months!

The pair was spotted watching a screening of the Sharkwater Extinction documentary at the Arclight Theatre in L.A. at the time.

Hayden and Brian were holding hands on their way there and looked really cute together.

It makes total sense that she is ready for marriage already since only a month into their relationship, the actress stated that they were ‘getting serious!’


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