Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Divide Time With Young Daughter Brair Amidst Split

Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Divide Time With Young Daughter Brair Amidst Split

Longterm relationship breakups are always difficult to get through. It's even more difficult when the two people share a child and their particular moods are noticeable via nearby flashing cameras.

For the first time since announcing their split, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson were seen doing a child handoff in a parking lot on October 11th.

The couple's daughter, Brair, was gently put into Christenson's arms by Bilson before she turned and walked away. She wore sunglasses to cover her obvious somber mood.


The couple had been dating for a decade before recently calling it quits. They were even engaged at one point before calling it off, breaking up and then getting back together.

Sources say that this particular split, that took place in September, is official and that the two are now over for good. There's only co-parenting together in their near future.

The couple met back in 2008 on the film Jumper and were engaged that December. After they split and reconciled, they became pregnant. Bilson had their daughter in 2014. What was the straw that broke the camel's back?

According to reports, the two of them had been having problems for awhile. There are rumors that Bilson may have found text messages between Christensen and his costar Emma Roberts that she felt were inappropriate and evidence of an affair.

Roberts and Christensen met on the set of a film called  Little Italy , which has yet to be released. Roberts herself has an emotionally tumultuous on and off again relationship with Evan Peters who she had been seeing again as recently as the fall of last year.

If these rumors are true, they can easily be confirmed in the coming weeks and months as Roberts and Christensen will likely have to do press tours together in order to promote the film.

Let's face it, Hollywood couples meet on set all the time and maybe the fact that this relationship lasted as long as it did and produced a beautiful child is a win all on its own. Nothing lasts forever and that's doubly the case when it comes to Hollywood romantic partners.


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