Haunting Photos Of Animals In The California Wildfires And The Celebrities Trying To Save Them

Haunting Photos Of Animals In The California Wildfires And The Celebrities Trying To Save Them
Source: Sacramento Police

The California wildfires continue to spread and the photos and videos coming from the disaster look like scenes from the apocalypse. In addition to the fight to save lives, numerous animals are displaced and at risk. Even celebrities such as Alyssa Milano and Holly Combs have asked the public for help saving their animals. James Woods offered support and has shared the stories of hundreds of animals in need.

The nation is getting the first glimpse of what the animals in Butte, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties are experiencing. The photos are as haunting as they are shocking and while many try to reunite the missing with their loved ones, there is an ongoing and necessary need for resources to help save the animals of the California wildfires.

Many of the photos showing animals in the path of the Camp Fire, Hill Fire, and Woolsey Fire have gone viral. One in particular features llamas tied to a lifeguard station on the beach. The image is jarring and depicts how desperate the situation has become.

You may see some of the animals photographed in the California wildfires in the photos below.

Many of the animals photographed reveal a look of panic, stress, and terror in their eyes. Donations are being accepted throughout California to help shelter the rescued animals.

There has been a need for stables, transportation, foster homes for displaced pets, animal adoption, and requests for items such as blankets, food, water, and even crates so that animals will have safe transportation. Some shelters are unable to accept uncrated pets, so keep that in mind if you wish to help.

As winds have increased today, there are additional mandatory evacuations in place surrounding the Los Angeles are due to the Woolsey Fire.

There is no question that as the fires rage on, more animals will be displaced. Those who must evacuate and even those yet to receive evacuation orders must make plans for their pets safe travel sooner rather than later.

Leaving pets behind in a fire is devastating and most veterinarians will say it is unnecessary.

As more animals are found, more celebrities will publicly reach out and offer assistance where they can.

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