Has Erika Jayne Been Demoted To A Friend Of On RHOBH? Fans React To Rumor

Has Erika Jayne Been Demoted To A Friend Of On RHOBH? Fans React To Rumor
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Erika Jayne has become a style icon, singer, performer, and more since being able to display her talents on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, since the diva is so busy -- she isn't able to film as much as the other women or share about her personal life which has led to rumors that she has been demoted.

A housewives fan page wrote: 'Rumor has it Erika is not returning to #RHOBH next season after she was offered a Friend of role and turned it down... would you miss Erika next season if she didn’t return?'

The comment section was split with opinions. Many people feel that she only uses the show for self-promotion while others think that she's too iconic to let go.

'NOPE. Kinda funny, especially after her mean girl tweets of slamming the door on Denise quitting and saying “BYE!”. BYE cold queen,' one commented.

'Not at all , she won't show us her marriage for WHAT it REALLY is ,' wrote another.

This person said: 'Erika leaving would be a detriment to the show. Like all of the housewives, she too has had her moments where she may not have been the nicest she possibly could be, however, she has enough confidence and decency to protect and defend herself and others, if needs be. Having said that, she is a very genuine and talented woman and I personally think she brings a lot to the show. There’s no one quite like her in the sense that her input to the show is incredibly varied - we see her perform, we see how much effort she puts into her work, we see her as a caring mother /despite the fact we never get to see her son/, a loving wife, and an honest friend. If this rumour turns out to be true, Erika will absolutely be missed. Please don’t let this happen and take away one of the people who bring reality and honesty to the show.'

While this user commented: 'I doubt she's been demoted. She has a huge fan base.'

An insider source claims that this rumor is not true. The person close to production says that Erika will absolutely be back in full-time capacity.

This is more believable due to the fact that they are short two cast members and looking for replacements.

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