Has Blake Shelton Changed Since He Started Dating Gwen Stefani?

Has Blake Shelton Changed Since He Started Dating Gwen Stefani?
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Time sure does fly! Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have officially been a couple for four years, despite the fact that they are from two completely different worlds and are total opposites. But, that doesn’t mean Shelton has changed, says his good friend Trace Adkins.

While speaking to reporters at the recent Los Angeles premiere of Bennett’s War , Adkins talked about his close pal, saying that Shelton continues to stay true to who he is.

“Somebody asked me today, ‘Of all the country artists you know, which one do you think is really a country guy? The most authentic?’ And … you know, it’s Blake. He lives the life. He really does,” explained Adkins.

The 57-year-old country singer added that Shelton “conducts himself well out here in civilization,” but he would prefer to be in the middle of the woods in Oklahoma.

Shelton recently told Entertainment Tonight that fellow country singer Garth Brooks likes to make comments about his relationship with Stefani. The Voice coach said that he got a text from Brooks telling him they had set up his dressing room for him, along with a pic. In the photo, there was a paper that said “Mr. Stefani.”

Shelton says that Brooks enjoys “bullying” him about his relationship with the Sweet Escape singer, and “it sucks” because Brooks is off-limits.

“You can’t mess with him because he’s like the godfather of country music,” said Shelton.

Stefani and Shelton’s relationship appears to be stronger than ever, and he says that she is always supportive and the most encouraging person he has ever had in his life. Shelton says that it’s “unbelievable” how supportive Stefani is, and he has also learned a lot from her.

The couple walked the red carpet together at the Bennet’s War premiere, and Stefani wore an edgy outfit for their “date night.” The 49-year-old wore a cutout top with fringed denim short shorts, along with fishnet stockings and knee-high black boots.

As always, Shelton wore his signature look of a button-up shirt with jeans and cowboy boots.

Stefani will join Shelton on The Voice this fall after NBC named her as Adam Levine’s replacement. The show will return for Season 17 on Monday, September 23rd.

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