Harvey Weinstein's Legal Team Cross-Examines Annabella Sciorra - Asks Her How Hard She Fought Against Alleged Rape

Harvey Weinstein's Legal Team Cross-Examines Annabella Sciorra - Asks Her How Hard She Fought Against Alleged Rape
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Annabella Sciorra, The Soprano 's actress who accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her 25 years ago, was cross-examined by the defense today, Page Six has learned.

Reportedly, Harvey's lawyer, Donna Rotunno, tried to poke holes in the idea that she was raped by asking her several questions that some in the mainstream media have described as "victim-blaming."

While sitting on the bench in the Manhattan Supreme Court, Sciorra admitted she never tried to leave her apartment when Weinstein suddenly barged in with intentions of having sex during the winter months of 1993-1994.

Donna Rotunno asked her on the stand, "do you walk out?" when Harvey allegedly forced himself into her home. As it was noted above, Sciorra is most known for her work in the classic series, The Sopranos , from the early 2000s. She then asked her if she called the doorman, to which Annabella responded, "no."

Additionally, Rotunno asked if she tried to defend herself against him when Harvey grabbed her nightgown. Sciorra claimed Harvey Weinstein was simply too big, standing almost 6 feet tall and nearly 300 pounds. Previously, Annabella testified that she kicked and shoved Harvey repeatedly when he was trying to throw her on the bed.

Rotunno asked her if she tried to poke him in the eyes, and she said "no" again. Furthermore, Sciorra admitted she never told any of her friends about the incident and never told the police either. Sciorra claimed that she never even knew that it was rape when it occurred.

Reportedly, near the beginning of the cross-examination, Rotunno also questioned Sciorra's credibility by asking her if she was able to play the victim as an actress. Harvey is currently on trial for five different counts of sexual abuse, including sex acts, rape, and assault.

His trial began earlier this week. Last year, Harvey sparked additional media headlines when he showed up to the courthouse using a walker, claiming that he had been in a car accident earlier in the year. Many social media users and media publications questioned whether it was a ploy for sympathy.


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