Harvey Weinstein's Bail Is Increased Because Of Numerous Violations With Ankle Monitor Ahead Of His Sexual Assault Trial

Harvey Weinstein's Bail Is Increased Because Of Numerous Violations With Ankle Monitor Ahead Of His Sexual Assault Trial
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Harvey Weinstein and his legal team were back at the Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday to find out the judge’s decision on the matter of the disgraced former Hollywood producer’s bail. Last Friday, prosecutors argued that Weinstein’s bail should increase from the $1 million cash he had already paid because he had violated the conditions of his release numerous times.

Weinstein shuffled into court with the help of a walker. The 67-year-old is a diabetic who is having back surgery this week before he heads to trial. During Friday’s hearing, Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon told the court that Weinstein’s ankle monitor had been untraceable at least 56 different times, and that was cause for a change in his bail conditions.

Orbon also pointed out that Weinsten has access to unlimited resources, like private planes, and she considers him to be a serious flight risk

Weinstein’s lawyer Donna Rotunno argued that Weinstein never wilfully violated the terms of his bail, and she blamed the monitoring device being untraceable on the lack of cell towers near Weinstein’s home in Bedford.

The judge in the case - Justice James Burke - decided to raise Weinstein’s bail from $1 million cash to a $2 million bond or $5 million in cash.

There was also the matter of the new bail legislation that Governor Andrew Cuomo signed earlier this year that goes into effect on January 1st. The new law says that defendants can’t pay for their own ankle monitors, so a judge can’t order someone to wear one unless it’s administered by the government or a non-profit organization.

According to Page Six , because the law is brand new, the city government has not yet made a deal with a vendor to provide the service. That means that the court can no longer force Weinstein to wear an ankle monitor. But, Weinsten’s bail bondsman Ira Judelson is making him wear one.

Weinstein also turned over his passport, and he will continue to wear a two-part monitor with a slim bracelet and separate signaling component because a standard ankle bracelet is too bulky and doesn’t work for Weinstein due to his poor health.

Harvey Weinsten is scheduled to go to trial on January 6th to face two counts of predatory sexual assault against actress Annabella Sciorra, which allegedly occured in late 1993 or 1994. If convicted, Weinsten could spend the rest of his life in prison.

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