Harvey Weinstein Spotted Without Walker During Shopping Trip After Court Appearance - Insider Says 'He's Just Using It For Sympathy'

Harvey Weinstein Spotted Without Walker During Shopping Trip After Court Appearance - Insider Says 'He's Just Using It For Sympathy'
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Earlier this week, disgraced former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein shuffled into the Manhattan Supreme Court with the help of a walker to find out if the judge in his case would increase his $1 million bail that he paid to stay out of jail while he waits for his trial.

But, just a couple of days later, Weinstein made a Target run with his family in Mount Kisco, New York, near his home in Bedford, and he was walking around the store just fine with no help from a walker.

According to Page Six , they have a “spy” following Weinstein, and it’s clear to them that Weinstein is faking physical problems and using the walker “for sympathy” when he has to face hostile crowds during his court appearances.

Weinstein does suffer from diabetes, and on Thursday he underwent a three-hour operation because of back issues.

“He had a bilateral laminectomy and is now recovering, and will be remaining one night in the hospital,” said rep for Weinstein, but they failed to explain the walker.

Weinstein’s attorney Donna Rotunno said after Wednesday’s bail hearing that her client was using the walker because his legal team urged him to do so. She added that the accused rapist didn’t want the media thinking he was seeking sympathy by using the medical device.

Judge James Burke did increase Weinstein’s bail from $1 million in cash to a $2 million bond after prosecutors complained that he had violated his bail conditions at least 56 times in recent months because his ankle monitor was untraceable.

Weinstein’s attorneys argued that it was simply technical problems, and the lack of cell towers near the former producer’s home was to blame for the numerous lost connections.

Earlier this week, Weinstein’s bankrupt movie studio - The Weinstein Company - agreed to pay his victims $25 million in a settlement. If the court approves the deal, it will bring an end to the numerous lawsuits that Weinsten’s alleged victims have brought against him and his company.

Weinstein will not be paying the settlement out of pocket, as an insurance company will handle the payout. He also doesn’t have to admit any wrongdoing.

Harvey Weinstein is scheduled to go to trial on January 6th. If he is convicted of the sexual assault and rape charges, he could end up spending the rest of his life in prison.

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