Harvey Weinstein Says He's 'Totally Confused' Amid Lengthy Prison Sentence

Harvey Weinstein Says He's 'Totally Confused' Amid Lengthy Prison Sentence
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Miriam "Mimi" Haleyi, one of the primary accusers in Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault case, said before the court and jury that she was forever "scarred" by what Harvey did to her.

Haleyi said before the court that Harvey would strike "again and again" against women if he hadn't been convicted and sentenced. In her victim impact statement, Mimi accused Harvey of attacking her with physical force with "no regard for anything" she said, including her protests and refusals.

The ex- Project Runway assistant claimed Harvey's actions toward her scared her to her core. Harvey's behavior will leave a permanent scar on her psyche, emotionally and mentally, Mimi explained.

Continuing in her statement to Justice James Burke, Mimi claimed Harvey stripped her of her dignity as a human being, the result of which destroyed her personal life and her professional career for years to come. She also claimed Harvey's actions led her to mistrust people and also led her to believe she had no confidence in herself.

She went on to say that she felt embarrassed and hurt by the fact that someone she trusted and loved abused her. When the stories against Harvey started coming out, however, she realized she wasn't alone. She added that "the pattern is obvious."

Finishing off her statement, Mimi claimed she was happy and relieved to see that Harvey was no longer in the position that he once was, and that women would be safer because of that. As it was previously reported, Harvey was slapped with 23 years in prison earlier this week.

Suzy Kerr reported earlier today that Harvey's accusers were on the 15th floor of the Manhattan Supreme courtroom for the sentencing, in addition to the witness Rosie Perez, from White Men Can't Jump, Annabella Sciorra, Mimi Haleyi, and Jessica Mann.

As the women left the courthouse toward the street, supporters were lined up and cheering them on. Weinstein, in his statement, claimed that he had a "great deal of remorse" for all of them.

He also claimed he was never about "power," but was instead about "making great movies." The formerly iconic producer went on to say that prosecutors greatly exaggerated how powerful Miramax was in its day, and also added that he and other men in the country were "confused" by "#MeToo" movement.

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