Harvey Weinstein Referenced As 'Rapist' In New South Park Episode

Harvey Weinstein Referenced As 'Rapist' In New South Park Episode
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According to a report from The Wrap, South Park recently jabbed Harvey Weinstein in their latest episode, just one week after the former Miramax producer was singled out by a comedienne in New York City. Harvey appeared at a New York club for industry performers, and the comedienne on stage addressed his presence, albeit not gently.

Reported by The Wrap, the outlet explained that in the new episode, Randy Marsh begins losing control of consciousness and reality after he ingests chemical-laced marijuana. Randy, who becomes increasingly erratic, phones the police afterward and tells them he's being raped by the movie mogul.

Near the ending of the episode, Randy wakes approximately a few days later and thinks to himself that it was all just a dream, however, until he goes over to the trash can and discovers a used condom.

As it was previously reported, Weinstein was publicly confronted by Zoe Stuckless at an NYC event; Zoe wasn't pleased with the producer's presence.

The event ended with Zoe being ejected from the venue rather than Weinstein. Stuckless, among a few other women at the gathering, called out the former producer and took him to task for appearing at Actor's Hour at the Downtime Bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The stand-up comedian asked why Harvey was even allowed in the venue. Harvey is currently up on multiple charges, including predatory sexual assault as well as rape. Furthermore, Kelly Bachman said to reporters from The Wrap that she was booed for castigating the producer at the event.

In a video shared on Twitter, Bachman alluded to the former producer as "the elephant in the room," adding that he looked a lot like "Freddy Krueger." Even audience members told her to shut up and booed her after she called him out.

Interestingly, Michael Torello, who was at the event last week, claimed another comedian called out Harvey Weinstein on a separate occasion. Harvey Weinstein was the biggest name in the #MeToo movement to go down, including Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and Louis CK.

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