Harvey Weinstein May Lose Royal Honor Following Rape Conviction

Harvey Weinstein May Lose Royal Honor Following Rape Conviction
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Harvey Weinstein was convicted on two of his sexual abuse charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court earlier this week, suggesting that the disgraced producer may spend several years of his life behind bars. Not only will the former Miramax movie mogul lose his freedom, but he may also lose his royal honor.

The Times of London reported that after Weinstein's conviction on rape charges, the public has asked for the elimination of the producer's CBE, a suggestion that the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has reportedly got behind.

Back in 2004, Queen Elizbeth II awarded the 67-year-old producer the title of Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire due to his contributions to films in the nation. It's the second-highest honor the Queen can give to someone, next to a knighthood.

The allegations against Weinstein, and his subsequent conviction, has led to British officials and the public to yearn for a stripped title, a formal request from a Labour MP revealed. MP Chi Onwurah wrote in the request that Weinstein is no longer known for his contributions to the film industry. Instead, he's known for sexual abuse assault and the abuse of power.

Onwurah added that to allow the producer to continue holding the honor would diminish the experiences and minimize the sufferings of all those people who the producer purportedly assaulted. A representative for the Prime Minister claimed it was ultimately up to the Honours Forfeiture Committee, however, he supported the idea.

A spokesperson for the newspaper stated that his behavior was "completely unacceptable," and they condemn sexual violence no matter the form. The United Kingdom Times reports that the process for eliminating the honor is "secretive," and also has to be signed off on by the Queen.

Coincidentally, the royal family has battled their own sexual misconduct controversy. Prince Andrew conducted an interview with the BBC regarding his ties to the deceased Jeffrey Epstein that was widely condemned by the public and the media.

Mr. Andrew has been photographed hanging out with Epstein on a number of occasions and his connections to the former socialite don't stop there.

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