Harvey Weinstein Jurors Focus In On Allegations From Annabella Sciorra

Harvey Weinstein Jurors Focus In On Allegations From Annabella Sciorra
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Harvey Weinstein's sex abuse trial has been on top of the headlines ever since it kicked off near the beginning of the year. Currently, jurors are deciding on the former Miramax producer's fate.

According to the San Fransisco Gate, on Thursday, jurors focused on the allegations from Annabella Sciorra, notably, that Weinstein sexually assaulted her in the early 1990s. Followers of the trial know that Annabella accused Harvey of raping her in the winter of 1993-1994.

The San Fransisco Gate claims the jurors have been looking at email exchanges between Sciorra and Weinstein, including the alleged emails he sent to a private Israeli spy agency that he had supposedly hired to investigate his accusers.

Back in 2017, when women were first coming out with stories about the disgraced producer, Harvey supposedly hired the private intelligence firm to look into some of the women who had accused him of sexual misconduct.

Interestingly, Sciorra's allegation doesn't actually fall under the limits of the statute of limitations in New York, however, a particularity of the law allows for it to be used in the broader context of the trial. At the moment, the 67-year-old The Weinstein Company executive is fighting against five counts of sex crimes.

Weinstein, since the allegations first came out in the wintertime of 2017, has denied all stories of nonconsensual sex. At the beginning of Harvey's trial, the allegations of Sciorra came first, with even Rosie Perez taking to the stand to tell her story of how her friend talked to her about Weinstein's behavior.

When asked about the interaction between herself and Weinstein, Sciorra admitted that she didn't even understand what had happened to her at that time. She never thought of it as rape. Perez testified that Sciorra had phoned her one evening and told her that she thought she was raped by the producer.

Perez claims she said to Sciorra to go to the police, but Annabella said she couldn't because Weinstein would "destroy" her. Weinstein's defense team, however, suggested that Sciorra wasn't quite as helpless as she portrayed herself to be. During Donna Rotunno's closing arguments, she stated that Annabella was not a "shrinking violet."

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