Harvey Weinstein Juror Threatened With Jail Time After He Tweeted About His Selection

Harvey Weinstein Juror Threatened With Jail Time After He Tweeted About His Selection
Credit: Source: NPR.org

A juror selected for the Harvey Weinstein case may be facing a fine and jail time for tweeting about the trial Page Six has learned. Apparently, each juror is told explicitly not to tweet about the case on social media.

Howard Mittelmark was one man selected this past week. He was told to come back on Thursday and join a group of other selected potential jurors. When Howard arrived in the courtroom, he was told to meet with the judge, who then had the court officer pass him a copy of his Twitter feed.

The judge told him to get a lawyer, and he would have to return to the courtroom on the 10th of March, 2020, to explain why the judge shouldn't put him in jail for 30 days. "You face a fine and up to 30 days in jail."

The New Yorker apparently, said, "I know it now." Reportedly, the defense team discovered this past week that Mittelmark took to his Twitter account with 7,000 followers to say he was going to use the opportunity to promote his book.

Reportedly, he asked his 7,000 followers if they knew how to leverage his time on jury duty to promote his book. Mittelmark had published a book named, Written Out , back in December, which Publishers Weekly said was "darkly funny."

Harvey Weinstein is going on trial beginning on the 22nd of January for two counts of rape, one count of a criminal sex act, and two counts of sexual assault. The charges come from the stories and allegations from three different women.

Followers of the case know it's easily going to be one of the most high profile cases of the year. Earlier in 2019, Harvey was in the media once again when he was spotted walking into the courthouse looking disheveled, with two men holding both of his arms.

It was reported earlier that year that Harvey was involved in a car accident that left him with a serious back problem. Some social media users and media tabloids, however, accused him of trying to get sympathy.

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