Harvey Weinstein Hit By Another Lawsuit From Woman Who Claims The Producer Assaulted Her At 16-Years-Old

Harvey Weinstein Hit By Another Lawsuit From Woman Who Claims The Producer Assaulted Her At 16-Years-Old
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Harvey Weinstein's legal troubles are continuing to grow. Kaja Sokola claims Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her when she was just 16-years-old according to her new civil complaint, obtained by Variety and published on the 19th of December, Thursday.

According to her complaint, Sokola's modeling agency set up a meeting with Harvey to talk about her career, however, after he picked her up, he took her to his apartment in Soho rather than to a restaurant like was initially planned. She was a minor at that time.

When they were finally alone together in the room, she claims Harvey pressured her into allowing him to molest her and also forced her to touch his penis. Terrified of what was happening, Sokola claims she said she didn't want to do it anymore, and he resisted.

The complaint went on to say that Sokola felt as though she was tricked into having such an altercation with Harvey. She never planned on meeting him in such circumstances. Sokola's claims were filed as part of a class-action lawsuit in 2018.

The woman is now 33-years-old, and she alleges it occurred in 2002, seventeen years ago. When the class-action lawsuit was first revealed, Harvey Weinstein's attorney, Ben Brafman, described the lawsuit and claims as "preposterous."

According to the woman in her complaint, she moved to New York City from Poland to work as a model. She explained that after she finally came to the city, she was sexually abused by the disgraced movie mogul, and has been living with the residue of the incident since it happened all those years ago.

Currently, Harvey Weinstein is awaiting his trial in January 2020, for charges of sexual abuse and sexual assault. Earlier this year, he also just finished settling a massive multi-million dollar lawsuit involving several different women.

Harvey sparked additional controversy when he gave an interview to New York Post, in which he described himself as a "pioneer," of bringing women into movies in a leading role. Harvey's statement was criticized by several celebrities, including one of his accusers, Ashley Judd.

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