Harvey Weinstein Heads Into Court For Closing Remarks

Harvey Weinstein Heads Into Court For Closing Remarks
Credit: Source: TheStar.com

On Thursday, Harvey Weinstein appeared energetic as he walked his way into the Manhattan Supreme Court to finish his trial. Page Six noted that the 67-year-old producer was photographed walking into the courthouse while at the same time dodging questions from reporters.

One clip shared on Twitter features Weinstein being asked by journalists about what his lawyers needed to articulate in the trial, to which the producer responded, "talk to these lawyers."

As it was previously reported, Weinstein was pictured looking very haggard walking into the courthouse at the beginning of his trial due to spinal surgery he had done back in December 2019. Previously, the disgraced entertainment mogul was photographed trying to walk up the steps into the courthouse.

For the most part, social media's response to the pictures of Weinstein using a walker has garnered almost disbelief, with most users arguing that it's clear the producer has been using a walker as a way to contrast against the prosecution's portrayal of him as a powerful monster who used his status in the industry to abuse women.

Followers of the case know that Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct by a variety of women, several of which whose claims were within the statute of limitations. Earlier this month, we heard testimonies from Annabella Sciorra, formerly of The Sopranos, Mimi Haleyi, and Jessica Mann.

Annabella Sciorra told the story of how Weinstein allegedly barged into her home one night and began unbuttoning his shirt. Sciorra claims she told him to stop repeatedly but he had sex with her anyway.

Jessica Mann, on the other hand, claims she and the producer had a long relationship over several years, however, there were non-consensual acts of sexual interaction over the course of their romance.

Mimi Haleyi accused Harvey of forcefully performing cunnilingus on her one evening after pulling her tampon out. If convicted, Weinstein may spend the rest of his life in prison.

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