Harvey Weinstein Accuser Testifies That Weinstein's Behavior Toward Her Left Her 'Shocked'

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Testifies That Weinstein's Behavior Toward Her Left Her 'Shocked'
Credit: Source: NYDailyNews.com

Another woman who testified in Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault trial accused the producer of groping her genitals after she expressed to him that she was an aspiring actress and was fond of his movies. Harvey produced many iconic movies, including Shakespeare in Love as well as Pulp Fiction.

A report from CBS News claims that Dawn Dunning sat before the jury to tell the story of how Harvey once put his hand up her skirt and touched her vulva. Dunning claims she immediately "stood up," and she was "in shock."

As she fought back tears, Dunning explained, she got up and started to walk away but Harvey simply urged her to "not make a big deal about this," adding that he wouldn't make a move on her ever again. When asked by the prosecutor whether she would gain anything from her testimony, Dunning explained it was one of the "worst and hardest things (she has) ever done."

Followers of the case know that the 40-year-old Dunning is just one of a group of women who were allowed to tell their stories of Harvey's behavior toward them, despite not being directly related to the charges at hand.

Earlier today, another woman, Tarale Wulff, who was an actress when she met with Harvey back in 2005, told the story of how she thought Harvey began masturbating in front of her while at the Cipriani restaurant in New York City.

Additionally, Dunning claims she noted that Harvey was always yelling at people on the phone.

CBS News claims that the state allows for testimony called "prior bad acts," which explore the accused's past behavior, schemes, plans or other motives. The 67-year-old is charged with forcibly performing cunnilingus on Mimi Haleyi, who was a production assistant in 2006.

Harvey was accused of raping another actress as well back in 2013. Thus far, Weinstein has insisted that all of his sexual encounters were with the consent of the alleged victims. Harvey's defense has used the women's continued contact with him as a way of questioning their testimony.

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