Harvard Business School Denies Claim That Blac Chyna Enrolled At Their School

Harvard Business School Denies Claim That Blac Chyna Enrolled At Their School
Credit: Source: Oxygen.com

According to a report from BET and TMZ, Harvard University is denying that Blac Chyna was accepted into one of their business classes online. The outlet, TMZ, claims a source told them that Harvard has not received a letter from Angela White, and they haven't admitted anyone with that name either.

Initially, it was a source close to the outlet that told reporters from TMZ that she was trying to get into the prestigious ivy league school. Chyna allegedly told the source that people are always talking about her, so she might as well step her game up so they have better things to say.

Thus far, the Lashed Bar owner hasn't responded to any inquiries for a response. As it was previously reported, it was claimed by multiple news organizations that the reality star, formerly the fiancée of Robert Kardashian, had been accepted into Harvard Business School.

Chyna posted a message on her Instagram the other day saying she was ready to turn over a new leaf. The model/entrepreneur said it was time for her to go back to school, and not just any school, one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

TMZ posted a letter which was purportedly the acceptance letter, in which there was a statement of not only her permission to enter the course but also an explanation of the course material. Titled, Business Analytics, it aims to "teach students how to interpret data and make business savvy decisions."

Over the course of eight weeks, there would be approximately forty hours of learning. Blac Chyna would learn about trends, outliers, how to summarize data sets, as well as test hypotheses. How many of these things help someone run a business is hard to explain.

Interestingly, this would be quite the change in lifestyle for Blac Chyna, who is mostly known for being an Instagram model with ties to reality television.

Previously, she was paid large amounts of money for appearing at nightclubs while dating Robert Kardashian, but those days have since come to an end. Moreover, she's currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the Kardashian family, which is likely pulling significant funds out of her bank account.

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