Harvard Alums Slam Blac Chyna And Her Claims She Got Into The Prestigious Business School

Harvard Alums Slam Blac Chyna And Her Claims She Got Into The Prestigious Business School
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Harvard University is firing back at the claims that Blac Chyna was accepted into the school's business program. A spokesperson for Harvard just announced that they do not have any records of an Angela White, a.k.a. Blac Chyna, enrolled in Harvard Business School (HBS), despite her claims to the contrary.

"No student by the name of Angela White has enrolled in or completed an HBS Online program," a spokesperson for the school revealed.

The school was alerted to the acceptance letter by outraged Harvard alumni.

Chyna announced that she is starting business classes at Harvard University next month. According to Page Six , her team even posted an alleged acceptance letter on social media, proving that her first class begins at the end of May.

The letter also praised Chyna for her participation in the program and noted how she will be "invaluable" to other students.

While Harvard clearly denies ever accepting Chyna into their ranks, she probably could have enrolled in HBS at some point. The catch is that HBS will take pretty much anyone because it is strictly online. But just because you take a class at HBS does not mean you are officially associated with the university. In fact, HBS makes it clear that graduates are considered a certificate holder, not an alum of the ivy league school.

Chyna has not commented on the ongoing scandal. She recently told fans that she regrets some of her past mistakes and is looking to turn things around, which is why she enrolled in HBS. Inside sources, however, claim that Chyna hired a PR firm to take courses for her. She allegedly paid the firm $1,000 to complete the class in her name, though it is evident now that the company faked the acceptance letter and never actually enrolled her.

Sources also claim that actual Harvard alums were furious when they read about Blac Chyna's acceptance into the HBS program. They allegedly demanded that Harvard look into the claims, which is what led to the official statement. No word yet on who forged the acceptance letter.

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