Harry Styles Underfire For Allegations Of Plagiarism For His New Song "Ever Since New York"

Harry Styles Underfire For Allegations Of Plagiarism For His New Song "Ever Since New York"
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Social media users are not happy with Harry Styles! The pop singer has been accused of ripping off a guitar solo in his new single Ever Since New York.

The One Direction singer recently debuted his new solo music and had already been criticized by fans of the band Badfinger who say Harry used a nearly identical guitar line to one the band used in their song Baby Blue which was released in 1971.

Styles performed the new track on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and soon after people on Twitter were drawing all kinds of comparisons to the two songs.

One Twitter user said, "So...did Harry Styles pre-pay Badfinger for this song? This episode is a tribute to lack of talent around."

Another person wasn't nearly as polite. He said, "F--- Harry Styles. Rip-off artist. That riff is NOTE FOR NOTE lifted from Baby Blue by Badfinger. Unbelievable. I'm far too upset about Harry Styles stealing the Baby Blue riff."

Another user commented that the alleged plagiarism is very personal and worries what songs will be stolen next.

The Badfinger number was brought back into prominence by the infamous AMC show Breaking Bad in 2013.

Soon after the show aired, the song had begun to be downloaded in record numbers on Itunes and Spotify.

An insider close to Harry said to the Sun, the allegations of plagiarism are the last thing Harry needs at the moment.

The release of his new solo material hasn't been smooth, and this is yet another distraction.

He went on to say Harry is incredibly proud of his new material and the accusations of plagiarism will hurt the young man.

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  • Susan
    Susan Apr 19, 2017 12:32 PM PDT

    8 guitar notes are the same. Harry's song's melody, chords and lyrics are nothing like Baby Blue.

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