Harry Styles Stops In The Middle Of New York Show To Honor Queen Elizabeth II Upon Her Passing

Harry Styles Stops In The Middle Of New York Show To Honor Queen Elizabeth II Upon Her Passing
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Harry Styles stopped his show at Madison Square Garden in New York to honor the Queen after she passed away this Thursday. The singer addressed the crowd in between his songs and said:

"From my homeland, there's some very sad news today: the passing of Queen Elizabeth II . Please join me in a round of applause for 70 years of service.”

Harry then joined the crowd for applauding the Queen before saying, "Thank you, Madison Square Garden," and moving on with his set. Styles is currently in the middle of his MSG residency.

In similar fashion, Legendary singer Sir Elton John also stopped his show in Toronto to address the passing of the queen. He spoke about it to the crowd in the following words:

“We have the saddest news about the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. She was an inspiring person to be around — I’ve been around her and she was fantastic. She led the country though some of our greatest and darkest moments with grace, decency and a genuine care and warmth. I’m 75 — she’s been with me all my life and I feel very sad that she won’t be with me anymore. But I’m glad she’s at peace, and I’m glad she’s at rest, and she deserves it because she’s worked bloody hard."

He went on to dedicate the rest of the night's music to the memory of the Queen saying,  “I send my love to her family and her loved ones. She will be missed, but her spirit lives on and we celebrate her life tonight with music — okay?”

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning monarch in the history of  Great Britain. She lived a long life of 96 years and her reign as Queen lasted for over 70 years. All of her citizens have come out in her appreciation and thanked her for leading the country through some difficult times to a road of prosperity and success.


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