Harry Styles’ New Album Tracks Are About Kendall Jenner? Fans Sabotage The Sales!

Harry Styles’ New Album Tracks Are About Kendall Jenner? Fans Sabotage The Sales!
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Harry Styles, former member of One Direction has recently debuted his first single track, “Sign of the Times” but the song became controversial shortly after release.

Although the song is a nice rock ballad written about the suicide of his close friend, Matt Irwin and it received a lot of good reviews from fans who were looking forward to the solo debut, it also fell under fire.

Now, some of his fans are furious and sabotaging his album sales, claiming they are refusing to buy it!

It all started after Harry sat down with Rolling Stone and gave the magazine an inside to his track list, revealing that several songs are about a mystery girl. Although he wouldn’t say who he was talking about, fans began speculating about the identity of this woman.

In the end, many of his fangirls came to the conclusion that he may have been referring to Kendall Jenner in the lyrics - the girl he was linked to romantically, on and off ever since 2013!

Just on the 2016 New Years, Harry and Kendall were caught by the paparazzi kissing on a yacht in St. Barts.

But fans are not appreciating the fact that he pretty much dedicated the whole album to her. It seems as if they are not very fond of the older Jenner sister.

One fan commented on social media that they had no intention to buy the album is the songs were about the “rich, spoiled, reality-star brat”.

Others think he may be referring to another ex in the songs - Taylor Swift and they dislike her just as much!

We are yet to find out who is the muse that inspired more than one song on his solo album.

Will you but the album anyway?

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