Harry Styles "Nearly Burned The Place Down" In The Greenroom Of SNL Studio

Harry Styles "Nearly Burned The Place Down" In The Greenroom Of SNL Studio
Source: HuffintonPostCanada

Harry Styles is currently one of the hottest stars in the music industry, and in the literal sense of the word! According to a report, the young singer's shirt caught on fire after it was thrown on to a nearby candle's flame.

The insider claimed, "he nearly burned the place down!"

The One Direction star's career almost went up in flames!

The source said, "after his performance, he went back to his dressing room and ripped off his shirt and threw it in the corner of the room," and a few minutes later his manager asked if anyone could smell something burning.

When the team realized the shirt was on fire, they attempted to stop the fire out before the young singer's sock went up on fire. They almost had to get a fire extinguisher to stop the flames from spreading!

The source went on to say, "Luckily, the whole team got involved and managed to stomp the flames out."

Nobody was injured, and Harry has yet to comment on the incident.

This isn't the first time Harry's career almost went up in flames. During a 2013 performance in Chicago, Styles walked into a pyrotechnics display on stage.

This news comes right after Harry has been accused of ripping off a guitar riff from a 1970's track from the band Badfinger during his performance of his new song, Ever Since New York.

The One Direction singer's solo career has just started, and it is has been rife with complications and potential disasters.

One Twitter user said, "So...did Harry Styles pre-pay Badfinger for this song? This episode is a tribute to the lack of talent all around."

Another user stated his worry that Harry would continue to use songs from the 1970's Rock bands catalog without permission.

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