Harry Styles May Be The Godfather To Liam Payne And Cherl's Baby

Harry Styles May Be The Godfather To Liam Payne And Cherl's Baby
Source: TheHuffingtonPost.com

Harry Styles revealed in an interview he would be "honored" to be the godfather to Liam Payne and Cheryl's baby boy. The One Direction singer remarked Liam and his girlfriend Cheryl have a lot of people who would take care of their first child, who was born last month, but he has no intention to force himself into the position of the godfather.

An interviewer asked the young singer if it was possible that he would be the godfather to which the young man said it was largely up to chance.

The 23-year-old singer said he is very excited for his friend to become a dad, and "things are going really well" for the young couple.

Harry hasn't announced a release date for his upcoming album, but he said, so far, he has had a mixture of responses from his family members.

Harry said, "I had one piece of feedback from my stepdad, one of the songs on the album has a vocal effect in the background. And it finished and he went, 'How did you get a duck in the studio?'"

Allegedly, Harry's mother cried a few times during the songs he played for them and the former One Direction singer remarked, "that I think it was a good thing."

An interviewer asked the heart-throb singer some personal questions on how his relationships go and Harry responded with a peculiar comment.

Styles said he snores a lot in his sleep and he has four nipples, although the two extra ones are just dark marks on his chest that he considers to be his best traits.

He said: "Best trait ... I don't know, it's weird to pick your best. Shall we go with the nipples thing?"


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