Harry Styles Gets Nervous During Awkward Ellen DeGeneres Discussion About His Ex Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles Gets Nervous During Awkward Ellen DeGeneres Discussion About His Ex Kendall Jenner
Credit: Source: people.com

While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Harry Styles was asked about his ex-girlfriend, Kendall Jenner and the former One Direction singer got a little emotional. As you may know, the two ended their relationship back in 2016 but he told the host that despite this they have been ‘friends for a while.’

It seems like the singer did not expect the question about his ex as he got a bit nervous when he answered the host.

Ellen wanted an update on their relationship since the two recently reunited on James Corden’s Late Late Show.

‘Your guests were Tracee Ellis Ross and Kendall Jenner. And you and Kendall are really good friends now, right?’ Ellen asked.

The singer seemed to nervously scratch his leg when he heard the question, going on to answer: ‘Yeah, we’ve been friends for a while now, yeah. For, like, several years, yeah.’

But when Ellen commented that ‘it’s sweet y’all are still really good friends,’ the conversation got even more awkward since Harry confirmed with a high pitch ‘Yeah.’

The host imitated Harry which made him smile nervously and stumble over his words.

‘Yeah, I think so. Right?’ he said giggling.

Noticing that everyone had fallen silent, including the audience, Harry looked around and blurted an ‘OK!’ before grabbing a mug and taking a sip to highlight even more the idea that he was nervous about the Kendall discussion, making the crowd laugh.

Yes, it was pretty awkward but also funny! However, that cannot be said about him and the supermodel on The Late Late Show.

They made it very clear that there are no hard feelings between them and during a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, Kendall even asked if any of his songs are about her!

While Harry chose to eat something gross instead of answering, it was obvious they were on good terms and there was zero awkwardness!


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