Harry Styles And Kiko Mizuhara - The Rumored Couple Caught On Camera Spending Time Together After She Claimed They'd 'Never Met!'

Harry Styles And Kiko Mizuhara - The Rumored Couple Caught On Camera Spending Time Together After She Claimed They'd 'Never Met!'
Credit: Source: scoopnest.com

As fans of the former One Direction member know already, rumors have been going around that he’s dating Japanese-American supermodel Kiko Mizuhara. Furthermore, Harry Styles and his supposed love interest were caught together on camera over his birthday weekend in Tokyo, which is pretty interesting since Kiko previously denied she’d even met the singer before, let alone date!

On January 13, Mizuhara took to her Twitter account to claim that she had ‘never met’ her rumored new boyfriend.

Despite this, just two weeks or so later, Harry and Kiko were spotted in Tokyo, enjoying each other’s company.

Styles celebrated turning 25 years old alongside the Japanese beauty as well as Queer Eye star Bobby Berk and other unnamed friends.

The trio was seen out and about in the city, and Bobby even shared their outing on his Insta Stories earlier today.

In the clip, the singer can be seen taking his phone out and smiling when Berk started filming their hang out session.

While he did not say anything, it was pretty clear that he was having a good time surrounded by his pals.

And while he and Kiko did not stand very close to one another, at least the clip is proof they do know each other, as opposed to what the model said on her platform about two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Kiko looked really excited to be hanging out with everyone too.

Furthermore, other clips of the group of friends hanging out surfaced, this time showing them singing karaoke at a nightclub.

This took place the night before the singer’s birthday (February 1.)

Harry later tweeted: ‘Thank you for all the birthday nice. You’re all wonderful, and I love you.’


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  • Cathy
    Cathy Feb 3, 2019 6:13 PM PST

    I saw the video and there is no interaction between them. Also why would you bring you " girlfriend " to a gay bar with other gay people. They are friends if that.

  • mike
    mike Feb 3, 2019 5:22 AM PST

    it technically Dosent mean they're dating, Harry even said he hates it when people assume his friends that are girl are "dating him" as displayed in the media. They could just be friends and be hanging out in a gay bar with other people, i present mean they're dating

  • Susan
    Susan Feb 2, 2019 3:03 PM PST

    Making a mountain out of a molehill. Harry's been in Tokyo for weeks. So now they have met. Maybe she got interested in meeting him after all of the media coverage of the baseless previous rumors.

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