Harry Styles Admits He's Not A Fan Of A 'One Direction' Reunion While In Quarantine - Here's Why!

Harry Styles Admits He's Not A Fan Of A 'One Direction' Reunion While In Quarantine - Here's Why!
Credit: Source: bustle.com

Fans have been waiting for years to see One Direction as one once again! However, it sounds like they will just have to wait even more!

Harry Styles opened up about not wanting to have a reunion with his former bandmates and it turns out that it’s all because of the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic!

It’s no secret that the singers, as well as millions of other people, are currently in quarantine, trying to practice social distancing and therefore to flatten the curve.

So when Harry gave an interview via his phone to SiriusXM Hits 1’s The Morning Mash Up earlier today, host Nicole Ryan had a suggestion.

‘I’m just going to throw this idea out there. What about hopping on Zoom, with you and some of the One Direction boys, and, you know, doing a quick performance? I mean, it could be 5 minutes, but it'd bring so much joy to so many people.’

In response, Harry argued that ‘I don’t know if that’s the reunion that we’ve had in mind. Uhh, I don’t know if that is how, if that would be the way to do it, but I will have a quick whip round.’

Well, while they are clearly not ready to be a band again, not even for one special performance, Harry did not completely shut the reunion idea down.

In fact, he really seemed to suggest that it will most likely happen at some point, although maybe it will be later rather than sooner.

In the meantime, fans are also curious to know whether or not Zayn Malik will also be featured or if the boy band will have a comeback as only 4.

After all, he actually left 1D to pursue a solo career long before the rest went on hiatus, going on to also drop their own solo music.


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