Harry Styles Accused Of Copying His Album Cover From Shed Seven! Will They Press Charges?

Harry Styles Accused Of Copying His Album Cover From Shed Seven! Will They Press Charges?
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Legends of British music Shed Seven have accused Harry Styles of copying their album cover.

The lead singer of the band, Rick Witter claimed the young singer’s solo debut album’s cover is almost identical to the front of their 1994 single titled Ocean Pie.

“When I first saw it I genuinely thought: ‘Are you ripping us off?’. It’s very close to the mark,” the man said.

But Witter added that he is not upset about it and thinks imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Besides, he saw him trying to “be all indie” and congratulated Styles for his new music.


He assured Harry’s fans that the band would not press any legal charges.

Shed Seven is set to have a comeback later this year, after 16 years of being inactive so maybe the attention they are getting because of Harry Styles is a good thing.

“I am not going to get lawyers involved...If he keeps our name alive then fair game to him.”

The lead singer added that he would also like to give ”tips” to Harry on how to be “rock 'n’ roll” and invited him on tour with the band.

When asked whether or not Styles has any chance of being taken seriously as a rock star after One Direction, the man said that everybody's got the right to try.

Rick Witter's band was not taken seriously for a very long time, but they are still clinging on today.

“I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve heard a little bit more. Not that I’m on tenterhooks waiting. I’m sure I’ll hear it in some shop,” Witter added.

Do you think Harry Styles got inspired by Shed Seven when creating his album cover?


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  • Susan
    Susan May 1, 2017 10:33 AM PDT

    I doubt Harry's cover-art designer and photographer had ever seen the 1994 Shed Seven single art. Also, all they have in common is a bare back. The guy on the Shed Seven cover is dry and leaning in a metal sink like a drunk. Harry is soaking wet and submerged in pink water that has floating petals and other random items. IMO the similarity is a boon for Shed Seven as they release new music.

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