"Harry Potter" Star Daniel Radcliffe Trashes Tom Brady For Supporting Donald Trump

"Harry Potter" Star Daniel Radcliffe Trashes Tom Brady For Supporting Donald Trump
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Daniel Radcliffe, who just happens to be a big fan of the United States of America's biggest sport, football, is getting sick of a few different things. Not only is the Harry Potter star fed up with the continuous winning streak of the New England Patriots, but he's also sick and tired of the team's quarterback, Tom Brady.

The reason? Tom Brady is a Donald Trump supporter. On Saturday, the 29-year-old actor said to reporters from Variety that he was supporting the Los Angeles Rams at this year's Superbowl because the whole world is behind the Patriots.

The Harry Potter alum joked that Mr. Brady, 41-years-old, should just give up and retire. Daniel stated that Brady should "stop winning things," and urged the legendary athlete to "take that MAGA hat out of your locker!"

According to Daniel, 29, when it was revealed Brady liked Trump, it was a moment where everyone in the country thought to themselves, "Come on, dude! You're awesome, don't put that in here." Either way, Trump supporter or not, Daniel is rooting for the Los Angeles Rams all the way.

Back in 2015, Tom Brady's locker was spotted with a Make America Great Again hat inside it, which stirred significant controversy. It turns out that Mr. Brady and Donald Trump are friends and have even golfed together more than once.

However, Tom and Donald disagree on one thing for certain: kneeling during the "Star Spangled Banner" while at NFL games. In an interview, Brady said in reference to Trump's dismissal of the protest: "I certainly disagree with what he said." What was important to Brady was supporting his teammates, first and foremost.

The NFL has been a controversial organization in the last few years, primarily due to the Colin Kaepernick issue. It was one of the biggest quagmires in sports when Colin chose to kneel following reports of police shooting unarmed black men.

Opponents of Kaepernick stated it was "unpatriotic" to kneel during the National Anthem, while others stated that critics were simply missing the point. It wasn't about disrespecting the flag, it was about protesting police brutality.

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