Harry Connick Jr. Gushes Over 25 Years Of Marriage With Wife Jill Goodacre

Harry Connick Jr. Gushes Over 25 Years Of Marriage With Wife Jill Goodacre
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After 25 years of marriage, Harry Connick Jr. is still gushing over his wife, Jill Goodacre.

The singer recently expressed his love for the former model as they embark on a quarter of a century together. Connick used Instagram to celebrate the great love of his life, Goodacre.

"for you and I have a guardian angel on high with nothing to do" #truelove" he captioned a photo of him kissing his lady.

The former American Idol judge and Victoria's Secret model tied the knot in 1994. They are parents to three beautiful daughters, Georgia age 23, Sarah age 21, and Charlotte age 17.

Connick doesn't just gush over his wife on social media. He sings her praises in interviews as well. Most recently the crooner spoke with Fox News regarding the secret to a long-lasting and happy marriage .

"Jill's my best friend, and I've known her now for 27 years. And for me, it's all about my maintaining interest in her. I mean, she's fascinating to me, she's still mysterious to me, I'm still very interested in her, and everything that sort of makes her tick, and I think it's mutual," he explained to the network.

The singer went on to explain they don't think in terms of "keeping the spark" going. They simply love to be around each other and spend time together. He also credits respect and admiration for keeping their love alive. Both are mutual and a necessity to a strong marriage, according to the Hope Floats actor.

When he wasn't refereeing to Goodacre as his hero, Connick doled out some relationship advice to viewers during the interview.

"In my experience, love and respect are paramount, and that's what my relationship with Jill is predicated upon, and that's what we try to teach our girls. I think respect in general and love are two things that we could use a lot more of. All I can do is try to walk the walk and improve and be a good a person as I can be," he mused.

Jill Goodacre and Harry Connick Jr. are celebrating 25-years of marriage, but the actor is still gushing over her as if it was their first year of wedded bliss.

It has not all been roses though for the couple. The blonde beauty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She is in remission now, but the ordeal was trying for the couple. Connick admitted he was terrified to lose his best friend.


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