Harrison Ford Reportedly Tried To Get Someone Fired On The Set Of Return Of Jedi

Harrison Ford Reportedly Tried To Get Someone Fired On The Set Of Return Of Jedi
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According to a report from San Francisco Gate, Harrison Ford didn't find a joke very funny while on the set of Return Of The Jedi. In fact, he was so displeased with someone, that he tried to get that person fired for a joke gone wrong.

During the scenes where Harrison Ford's character, Han Solo, had to rescue Princess Leia, there was a particularly tense moment between Harrison and Tim Rose, the actor and puppeteer behind Salacious B Crumb and Admiral Ackbar.

In a conversation with the YouTube star, Jamie Strangroom, Rose said that when Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford share a kiss following her rescue, the bad guys in the background, Jabba, Crumb, and a few others, mockingly chanted that they saw them kissing.

Apparently, Ford approached the director, Richard Marquand, and said to them that he didn't want people to laugh while he was doing his lines because Ford didn't like the idea of doing automated dialog replacement in post-production.

Marquand took Ford's complaint seriously and told Rose and the other crew members to stay silent and instead, mime their reactions and they would add the laughter to the scene later. When asked by Marquand if he liked the second take, Rose jokingly said, "is (Harrison Ford) going to talk over our laugh. Because it's really putting me off!"

While everyone else on the set laughed at the joke, Harrison didn't find it funny at all and refused to come back to the set until the person who made the joke was fired. Luckily, Harrison didn't know what Crumb looked like, because he was a puppet, so he just had to act like the new guy behind the puppeteer.

In the same interview, Tim Rose explained that he played the same characters once again in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi , but he expressed distaste with how the characters were treated. Apparently, fans weren't happy Ackbar died in a death scene in which he was blown up.

Mr. Rose said after waiting 30 years to portray the character once again, he was disappointed to see Ackbar would die in such a way.

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