Happy Katie Holmes In A Sage-Colored Jumpsuit Shows Off A Stylish Bow For A Relaxed Outing

Happy Katie Holmes In A Sage-Colored Jumpsuit Shows Off A Stylish Bow For A Relaxed Outing

Denim dangari and a white t-shirt are the best duets for an urban promenade.

Reporters photographed the actress on a walk in New York's Soho district: Katie walked down the street and literally burst into laughter while talking to someone via video link.

The pictures show that she is terribly funny: at some point, she even covered her face with her hand from overflowing emotions.

Who made the movie star laugh is unknown; one can only guess that it was Suri's daughter or the actress's new boyfriend-music producer Bobby Wooten.

Of particular note is Katie's outfit, which manages to look stylish in the simplest things. This time, the actress wore a sage-colored Dickies denim jumpsuit, under which she put on a white tank top, as well as golden Nike slippers.

The walking outfit was successfully complemented by a shopper bag with red handles - to match the manicure and phone case.

In a previous post, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise started dating in 2005. Their romance was like a fairy tale. The couple met at a Hollywood party where Holmes knocked over a glass of champagne on Cruise.

The awkward moment was exacerbated by the fact that Katie had been a fan of the actor since childhood - his poster flaunted over her bed. "I was ready to get married an hour after we met," Tom later admitted in an interview.

But the actor nevertheless prepared for the marriage proposal - he took his beloved to Paris and knelt down on one knee right on the Eiffel Tower.

In April 2006, the couple had a daughter, Suri, and then they got married. But six years later, Katie Holmes unexpectedly filed for divorce.


Moreover, she prepared thoroughly: she rented an apartment in advance and hired the best lawyers. But the case never came to court, and the parties agreed peacefully - Katie received sole custody of her daughter and never commented on the gap in the press.

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