Happy Birthday, Dana Carvey! Saturday Night Live And Wayne's World Star Is 65

Happy Birthday, Dana Carvey! Saturday Night Live And Wayne's World Star Is 65
Credit: Source: Dana Carvey/NBC Saturday Night Live

Happy Birthday, Dana Carvey! The Saturday Night Live player and star of Wayne's World celebrates his 65th birthday on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Born in Missoula, Montana on June 2, 1955, the family moved to San Carlos, California where Dana grew up and attended school. Following his high school graduation, he attended San Francisco State University where he earned his Bachelor's in broadcast journalism. In the late seventies, Dana Carvey was building a name for himself as a stand up comic and was drawing attention for his talent. In the early eighties, Dana started branching out to film work and landed parts in both television and on the silver screen.

In 1980, Dana made his television debut in the made-for-television movie Alone at Last where he played the character, Michael Elliot. He would soon appear in films and had small roles in Halloween II and This Is Spinal Tap . In 1986, Dana Carvey found more Hollywood success when he co-starred in the movie Tough Guys. That same year, Dana Carvey joined Saturday Night Live and the rest, as they say, is history. Dana Carvey found great success and became a star.

While on Saturday Night Live (SNL) , Dana Carvey's light shone bright and he introduced the world to many characters that he would forever be known for including the Church Lady, Garth Algar, and Hans. Additionally, Dana Carvey became famous for many of his impressions that he demonstrated on the show. These include Ross Perot, President George H.W. Bush, Robin Williams, and Christopher Walken.

You may see Dana Carvey's SNL audition tape below.

Fans are showing Dana their love and appreciation on his special day.

Dana has a YouTube channel but he hasn't been very active lately. Here is one of Dana Carvey's impression videos where he imitated Christopher Walken for a Halloween-style skit.

Are you a fan of Dana Carvey's? Dana is married to Paula Zwagerman and has two children: Thomas and Dex.

Happy Birthday, Dana Carvey!

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