Hannah Brown Leaves ‘Quarantine Crew’ But Already Misses Tyler Cameron - Source Says She's 'Attracted To Him!'

Hannah Brown Leaves ‘Quarantine Crew’ But Already Misses Tyler Cameron - Source Says She's 'Attracted To Him!'
Credit: Source: eonline.com

Hannah Brown is no longer part of the so-called Quarantine Crew and apparently, she already misses sharing the same house with Tyler Cameron! The former Bachelorette has left in order to be with her family in Alabama but one insider report claims to know that she still has her runner-up on her mind!

Despite not picking him during her Bachelorette season finale, Hannah and Tyler seemed to get closer and closer after things did not work out with her ex.

Furthermore, they became so friendly that Hannah went on to join him, his brother and other pals in Florida starting with last month when the quarantine started due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you can imagine, this sparked romance rumors but both of them insisted they are just good friends.

And while she’s confirmed to be single, Hannah supposedly really misses Tyler now that she is no longer with him.

The insider dished via HollywoodLife that ‘Hannah still talks to Tyler and the rest of the quarantine crew all the time, the connection is still very strong. Right now she has no plans to go back but she does miss them all so that might change. For now she is staying with her family but she has an open invite from Tyler and everybody at the house to come back anytime.’

Allegedly, she is not the only one feeling like this since the source claims Tyler and his friends were also pretty ‘bummed’ to see her leaving.

‘She’s such a ray of sunshine they definitely miss having her around, they were bummed she left. She's staying connected to them, she has been doing virtual workouts with them and video chats all the time. It is not the same but she is for sure still a part of the group.’

A second insider also claimed that Hannah was still pretty much attracted to Tyler and while she could have used the quarantine as an opportunity to start something with him, she is a ‘family first kind of girl,’ which is why she decided to go be with her loved ones instead.


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