Hannah Brown Hilariously Complains About Her Experience With Dating Apps As She's Still Looking For A Man!

Hannah Brown Hilariously Complains About Her Experience With Dating Apps As She's Still Looking For A Man!
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Hannah Brown's still single and still ready to mingle! Valentine’s Day just passed and she didn’t have anyone but it sounds like she’s actively looking for love!

That being said, The Bachelorette star joked about her struggles with using dating apps.

Before that, she also debated the possibility of her coming back to the show for another season and trying to find 'the one' on the dating series again!

Hannah took to her IG Stories over the holiday weekend to update her many followers on her experience with modern Cupid aka dating apps!

According to her, it’s not easy at all!

‘Guys, I do not know if you know this but I was the Bachelorette and I cannot get on Raya. I have been on their waiting list for months. I am done. Christian Mingle here I come. Might not be allowed on Christian Mingle at this point, actually, but Jesus still loves me,’ Hannah wrote.

It’s no secret that her season as the Bachelorette did not end up in a strong, successful relationship.

After the show ended, she soon broke up with the one she chose, Jed Wyatt and tried to date runner-up, Tyler Cameron instead.

However, their romance didn't last either and now she’s in search for love again.

Despite all of these disappointments, it really seems like she’s not giving up on love anytime soon.

While on iHeartRadio's Scrubbing in With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad podcast, Hannah was asked about coming back to the ABC show for another Bachelorette season. Would she do it if she was asked back?

The reality TV celeb did not exactly say a definite yes but her response was not negative either.

‘I don't know if I'd do it right now. I am trying to focus on what I have right now and that is building a home and also working on other opportunities. I might not have found love but I found myself. I now have more confidence in what I can do and I am working towards that.'

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