Hannah Brown Addresses Kelly Ripa's Comments On The Bachelorette - Says It's Not Simply 'Women Fighting'

Hannah Brown Addresses Kelly Ripa's Comments On The Bachelorette - Says It's Not Simply 'Women Fighting'
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According to a report from Us Weekly, during Hannah Brown's appearence on Thursday at the studio of Live With Kelly And Ryan, the reality star sat down with the two hosts and dished on what it's like to be on the series.

At one point in the interview, Kelly Ripa said the series is actually very "creepy," even going so far as to say that it "disgusts her." The 48-year-old host stood her ideological ground, never wavering from her original position, that her fans have come to know in the past few years.

Hannah, on the other hand, however, did have something to say about Kelly's thoughts. "I am very against women fighting over a guy," the host remarked, adding that it's bizarre "and sets us back." According to Kelly, Hannah is on the other side of the fence, she is in the "power position."

The 24-year-old contestant told Kelly that it's not actually women fighting over a man, some of her best friends are ones she met on The Bachelorette, however, there's no question that sometimes, animosity exists between people on the show.

On the 14th of May, the All My Children alum took The Bachelor franchise to the task, stating that the show straight up disgusts her. Ripa went on to say that she and her audience know how she feels; it's not right for 25 "exceptional" ladies to be fighting over one person.

Despite the fact Kelly has made such comments repeatedly in the past, this last time it sparked a considerable backlash, even from Chris Harrison as well as Mike Fleiss, the creator. The 55-year-old, Fleiss, took a shot at Kelly, stating facetiously, "Easy, Kelly Ripa, The Bachelor franchise pays your salary."

Sources who spoke with Us weekly claim that people at ABC are supposedly laughing at the comments from Harrison and Fleiss. Another source who spoke with the outlet claimed Ryan and Kelly's show is one of the biggest ones on the network.

The insider added, "the ad revenue, the demo. So to say that the Bachelor is paying Kelly's paycheck," is ridiculous. As most know, Kelly is known for her feisty opinions.

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