Halsey Taking It Slow With YungBlud After G-Eazy Split Even Though He Makes Her Happy!

Halsey Taking It Slow With YungBlud After G-Eazy Split Even Though He Makes Her Happy!
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According to new reports, Halsey and her new boyfriend, YungBlud are very happy together. However, that is not to say the singer is in any hurry to get to the next level with him. Here’s why!

As fans know all too well, Halsey and her now ex, G-Eazy had quite the hot and cold relationship which is why she is now a lot more careful when it comes to her new romance with 20-year-old YungBlud.

One insider report by HollywoodLife claims Halsey is proceeding with caution now, regardless of how well things seem to be going with her new beau.

The source explained to the news outlet that ‘Halsey was broken hearted over her breakup with G-Eazy. She was always worried about his wandering eye and his cheating on her. That breakup was very hard on her, and now she knows exactly what she is looking for. She thought G-Eazy was the one and she's very happy with Yungblud, however, she's taking it slow this time because of how hurt she was in her last relationship.’

Furthermore, she ‘just got out of a very long and serious relationship. It feels really good for her to have someone be so affectionate with her as that’s something she really looks for in a partner.’

The same insider also assured the fans that Halsey is moving on from G-Eazy since she is well aware they will never get back together again.

Regardless, the scars of what they went through are supposedly still there, so she is being much more careful in her new relationship so the history doesn’t repeat itself.

Still, friends say she is on the mend after the breakup and YungBlud gets a lot of credit for it!

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