Halsey Reveals The Bizarre Way She Fractured Her Ankle

Halsey Reveals The Bizarre Way She Fractured Her Ankle
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Haley has certainly had some ups and downs in her life, that much is for sure. E! Online reported today that Halsey recently broke her ankle during what can only be described as a bizarre accident.

When the pop-star appeared on Capital Breakfast on Tuesday, the singer-songwriter explained a number of things, including her most recent social media post, where the star dished on how she broke her ankle including the strange nature of how it went down.

During her chat with Roman Kemp, Halsey explained that it was the result of loading a dishwasher improperly, which wound up breaking her ankle in a freak accident. The star claimed she never thought she would break a bone in this way.

Halsey joked that after all these years, including thousands of live shows, she finally fractured her ankle at her house - in her kitchen. The star says she loaded the dishwasher and when she pulled the door down to load it, she tripped over it and slammed her ankle against the steel.

Roman's co-host, Sonny Jay, joked that it wasn't the most "showbiz" thing in the world. Moreover, Halsey explained the incident further on her Twitter account during a question and answer session.

According to Halsey, when she was loading the dishwasher, she slammed her ankle against the metal and wound up fracturing it. The pop star joked, "I really slammed that f*cker."

Ironically, Halsey is fairly comfortable and graceful during her performances, but she says she's far more clumsy when going about her day-to-day life. As for how she's been keeping herself busy these days, the star has been putting on virtual performances for some of her fans, including for Disney.

The star participated in the event, Disney Family Singalong: Volume II, which was dedicated to mothers everywhere. As it was noted above, Halsey has been through a lot over her decades-long career.

With that said, her attitude these days is a lot more humble. In an interview regarding some of her more tumultuous relationships, Halsey explained that her situation wasn't that bad because all she did was date a "really sh*tty dude."

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