Halsey Reveals She Once Considered Escorting To Pay For Food

Halsey Reveals She Once Considered Escorting To Pay For Food
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During a gala for the Ending Youth Homelessness benefit in LA this past weekend, the singer-songwriter, Halsey, revealed the moment in time when she considered prostitution as a way of earning money for her next meal. After her parents kicked her out when she was 19-years-old, she was forced to fend for herself.

The singer took the stage and said, "I was homeless in New York," and around that time, she had "crazy hair," and just a demo in her pocket along with a gray duffel bag. According to her, a man asked her what was in the bag and she said, "this is my house."

Halsey claims she was kicked out of her house when she was 19-years-old as punishment for quitting community college. When Halsey sat down with reporters from Rolling Stone back in 2016, the star revealed her struggles as a young performer, the homeless story as one of them.

Speaking with the journalist, the singer-songwriter stated that her friends across town were looking for decorations for their dorm rooms whereas she was considering letting a "stranger inside" of her to pay for her next meal. Regarding her parents, Halsey claims they aren't bad people.

It was merely a "series of unfortunate circumstances" which led to her homelessness and considering prostitution as a way of paying her own bills. While on stage this past weekend, Halsey claimed people shouldn't help the homeless because they might become a pop-star one day.

"We shouldn't help because they could really make something of themselves," the singer remarked, but "because they are something right now!" Halsey, who used to date the rapper, G-Eazy, considers herself as an avid activist for gender equality and the rights and freedoms for LGBT people.

Despite her best intentions, Halsey's reputation in the industry has gotten the best of her at times. Some online believe that she oversteps her boundaries sometimes and takes, what one user called, "the activist posturing too far."

As it was noted above, Halsey was linked to the rapper, G-Eazy, for approximately two years. After a period of on-and-off dating, they finally called it off permanently last year.

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