Halsey Puts Her Cute Freckles On Display In No-Makeup Selfies To Remind People What She ‘Really Looks Like!’

Halsey Puts Her Cute Freckles On Display In No-Makeup Selfies To Remind People What She ‘Really Looks Like!’
Credit: Source: rollingstone.com

The singer shared a variety of new pics, some of them showing off her makeup-free face and pretty freckles, others showing her making silly faces and more! Halsey explained in the caption that she wanted to remind people what she ‘really looks like’ since she’s only been sharing hot bathing suit pics lately.

That being said, after all those sultry and well shot snaps, the singer felt like also sharing some random close-ups of her fresh face and adorable freckles.

There is no doubt that the swimsuit images have been very loved by her many followers but the star obviously thought her platform could benefit from a little change.

She explained in the caption that: ‘I’ve been posting a lot of *~spicy*~ bathing suit pics lately so I feel responsible to just remind everyone what I ACTUALLY look like.’

The very first picture featured Halsey super close to the camera, her freckled skin taking central stage.

The second snap shows the singer in the middle of a sneeze and she looked equally funny and cute with her face all scrunched up.

The star looked as cozy as everyone else during this lockdown, rocking a casual sweatshirt, her hair pulled back.

The next one showed her with some makeup on, exemplifying how foundation is able to cover up her freckles and even out her skin tone.

She was also rocking a red lip and a smokey eye makeup complete with long eyelashes!

This is, of course, how most fans know her since that is how she presents herself on stage and on magazine covers but there is no doubt that Halsey is just as beautiful whether she wears makeup or not.

Fans couldn't help but gush over her natural looks, one comment reading: ‘Okay but if I looked like that on a good day I would never complain again.’

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