Halsey Launches Her Own Beauty Brand!

Halsey Launches Her Own Beauty Brand!
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The new year just started and it looks like it's already shaping up to be a really successful one for Halsey and one filled with unique beauty for the rest of us! The reason for this is that the singer has decided to launch her own brand of beauty products!

Apparently, Halsey's goal when she created her own line of makeup was for people to celebrate their self-expression and uniqueness - basically using her creations to accentuate all that they already possess!

Halsey's makeup brand is titled About-Face and while it's not yet out, you can definitely already pre-order it on its official website!

However, you might actually want to hurry up since some of the more popular products from the start collection are beginning to sell out!

As for what you can expect, it turns out that the products are both cruelty free and vegan and the prices are quite affordable, ranging from $17 to $32.

At this point in time, the collection features no less than 40 products, and it even includes two different makeup bags and a blending tool!

It's no surprise that Halsey decided to take this challenge since she has experience applying her own makeup for all her performances, shoots and ever music videos!

Fans know that her looks are always bold and there have been a variety of them, proving that Halsey is really creative with her makeup, just as much as she is with her songs!

Upon announcing the collection on her IG account, Halsey told her followers: 'Many of you know that I've done my own makeup for concerts, red carpets, magazine covers and music videos for a long time. It's one of my greatest loves, but I've always stood firm in the belief that makeup is about feeling cool and not about looking perfect. I worked tirelessly on this for years with an incredible team and hope you feel my DNA all over it.'

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