Halsey Gushes Over Her Longtime Friendship With John Mayer While Slamming The Dating Rumors!

Halsey Gushes Over Her Longtime Friendship With John Mayer While Slamming The Dating Rumors!
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Halsey continues to make it very clear that she and John Mayer are nothing more than just very close friends! As fans know, the two sparked some romance rumors with their flirting online but while on SiriusXM's The Morning Mash Up, she once again stresses that the speculations have no real basis.

‘The craziest thing was too, is I tweeted him, and I was like, 'Imagine this, right: two people are just friends. That's crazy,'’ Halsey recalled one of her tweets from earlier this week.

The said post sarcastically reads: ‘I had a truly groundbreaking idea. What if...we let female artists...have [male] friends...without assuming they are sleeping together? I know I know. It is like, completely ambitious but imagine if we like, tried?’

As expected, media updated the rumors based on her tweet, and the singer was still not too excited about the news articles about her and John, so she took to social media to address it again.

She tweeted: ‘Every publication that started the rumor, to begin with, was like, 'Halsey posts groundbreaking tweet about relationship rumors. I was like, 'The tweet was all about you! You started the rumor I tweeted about.'’

Halsey then went on to share that ‘'I was joking with my team yesterday like, 'I mean, god, if they are just going to write stories about whoever they think I am dating then maybe I should start dating a political candidate, so they get the coverage.’ Like, come on! Let's go.’

As for the type of relationship Halsey and John Mayer have, the star went into further detail on The Morning Mash Up, explaining that ‘We've been friends for a couple of years and he is really funny and smart and gave me a lot of good advice about staying true to myself. The thing about him is he is a musician. He is an instrumentalist. He is one of the greatest... if not the greatest guitar player my generation has to offer. He is a songwriter, and he is so, so talented.’

The singer went on to gush over John some more, saying:

‘The advice he has given me has been organic, and it has been a lot about art and integrity and staying true to that because he has managed to maintain his art integrity while still having a tremendous amount of commercial success, which is really admirable. And then he is like, 'Screw it. I am gonna go play with The [Grateful] Dead.'’

It sounds like she really cares a lot about her friend and also respects and admires him!


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