Halsey Complains About Double Standard Between Men And Women - Here's What She Had To Say

Halsey Complains About Double Standard Between Men And Women - Here's What She Had To Say
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Halsey's at it again. According to a report from KQRadio, Halsey spoke candidly about the supposed double standards women face in comparison to their male counterparts. The singer sat down with reporters from Glamour and talked about it at length.

According to the singer/songwriter, women in the music industry are forced to compete with each other in a combative manner, and in a way that men are often not.

Halsey said she and all of the other artists, including Ariana Grande, herself, and Lorde, frequently share positive words of encouragement to each other. For instance, this past week, Halsey's latest track, "Without Me," replaced Grande's song, "thank u, next" on the Billboard Hot 100.

Rather than compete with each other needlessly in a hostile way, Ariana congratulated the star on the 'Gram, a post hailed by their respective fans. However, some people like to stir up drama where there isn't any for the sake of alleviating boredom.

In response to Grande's comment, Halsey wrote, "luv u bb. Dynamic women who are headstrong + compassionate all 2019." According to Halsey, she and her female counterparts live in a world where they have to be "so f*cking original."

The star said male artists all look the same, sound the same, and are basically like "regurgitations of each other." She also claimed they have the same writers. Ironically, people on social media have accused Halsey of just being a wanna-be alternative artist, when in reality, she's a pop-star like every other female artist.

In the past, Halsey has taken considerable heat for slamming the title, "pop-star," preferring to call herself, "alternative," due to the negative connotations that come with being a pop-star.

However, her contemporaries are actually quite grateful for the title, including Grande and Gaga who never talk badly about the "pop-star" label. Moreover, one could ask whether or not she's even original considering she - as she said - has writers who make songs for her.

The modern pop scene is essentially a by-product of the massive corporate take-over in the 1990s in which three major corporations bought out all of the independent labels, leading to the homogenization of the music scene.

The consequence of this is that writers don't write sophisticated music at all anymore, simply because, there isn't enough money left in the industry and the writers aren't given enough time. Perhaps, Halsey should look inward before looking outward at others.

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