Halsey And Evan Peters Hold Hands On Alleged Date - Are They A Couple?

Halsey And Evan Peters Hold Hands On Alleged Date - Are They A Couple?
Credit: Source: heraldpublicist.com

Does Hollywood have a brand new celeb couple? The singer and the American Horror Story actor were holding hands while on a roller coaster together and now, social media thinks they are dating!

That’s right! Halsey and Evan Peters were at a theme park in Los Angeles together and while they were on one of the rides, they held hands.

Even though these two hanging out seemed to come out of nowhere, people are still shipping the unlikely couple.

The stars were at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California last weekend and now, a pic has surfaced, showing Halsey and Evan holding hands on the roller coaster known as Goliath.

Holding hands looked really natural and cozy for them so it’s not out of the question that they might be dating.

In fact, if they were holding hands while walking around, the chances of them having a romance would have been much greater.

However, when it comes to rides, a lot of friends hold hands to make each other feel safe, so it’s also possible that they are just pals!

While the two have never been romantically linked to one another, there are some old tweets from Halsey from between 2012 and 2015 in which she gushes over how hot Peters is.

It’s definitely a very old crush but since he just broke up with Emma Roberts earlier this year, Halsey may have finally gotten her chance to shoot her shot.

At the same time, as far as the public knows, Halsey is still dating Yungblud.

But since she has not posted anything about him since August 5, maybe they are over? Only time will tell!


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