Halsey Addresses Pregnancy Rumors She Sparked Herself!

Halsey Addresses Pregnancy Rumors She Sparked Herself!
Credit: Source: teenvogue.com

Is Halsey expecting her very first baby? This is what many of her followers assumed when the singer teased that she had a huge secret to share with them! Furthermore, their suspicions grew even more since she noted that it had nothing to do with her upcoming album either!

As fans know, Halsey is currently in a new relationship with Yungblud, so is he her baby daddy or not?

Fortunately, Halsey did not let her many fans wonder too much about this since she was quick to address the rumors before they could spread even more and get out of control.

‘People think my last tweet is me hinting I’m pregnant. Which means I’m either: a. gaining weight b. acting weirder than usual jokes on u, I’m doing BOTH! however STILL not pregnant!’ the singer tweeted.

The speculations that she may be expecting came almost out of nowhere – although, perhaps the enthusiastic way in which Halsey teased that she had something special in store for everyone caused the confusion.

Yesterday, the star took to social media to announce: ‘I have The Biggest Secret (unrelated to the album), and when u guys hear it, some of you are gonna explode… into actual pieces.’

Soon after, many social media users started brainstorming theories as to what Halsey may have been talking about, and this is how the pregnancy theory was born – no pun intended!

A number of fans even made sure to analyze some of Halsey’s newest pictures circulating on the internet and carefully look for signs of a growing baby bump.

But while she and Yungblud are reportedly very happy together, she has been taking it slow, one source told HollywoodLife, so it makes sense she would not have a baby with him so soon!

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