Halloween Horror Nights Opens At Universal Studios With Movie Themes And Celebrity Guests

Halloween Horror Nights Opens At Universal Studios With Movie Themes And Celebrity Guests
Source: Universal Studios Hollywood

October is nearly here and Universal Studios has announced the opening of Halloween Horror Nights. Both coasts have the attraction, but those on the west get the added privilege of meeting many celebrity guests. This year's attraction features sets and themes from popular horror movies and television shows such as The Shining, The Walking Dead, Ash vs Evil Dead, American Horror Story: Roanoke ,  and more .  There's no question this is going to be one terrifying and thrilling adventure for those who attend.

In addition to the above mazes, there will also be the Horrors of Blumhouse which is based upon Jason Blum's horror movies including The Purge, Happy Death Day , and Sinister .

Another maze will be based on the Insidious movies as well as Saw. Titans of Terror include Jason, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface to ensuring the most iconic horror characters are featured. The maze is hosted by Chucky. The dance team Jabbawockeez will also make a return to Halloween Horror Nights. You can see a video from the 2017 Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood below.

Celebrity guests are scheduled to appear at the Universal Studios in Hollywood for the event. Celebrities include Happy Death Day stars Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard. Actors from the Saw franchise including Tobin Bell and Leigh Whannell. The Purge actor Frank Grillo and Jennifer Tilly who appeared in Child's Play .

Stars from The Walking Dead Tom Payne and Emily Kinney will be there. Musician Slash and Vanessa Hudgens are scheduled to attend. You may find more information including the schedule of events at the official site.

As Halloween Horror Night is an extremely popular event, it's a good idea to check schedules ahead of time and purchase tickets in advance.

The lineup of celebrity guests for Universal Studios Hollywood is impressive and will most likely attract plenty of visitors. Check the official site for times and dates. Halloween Horror Nights run in Hollywood from September 15-November 4, 2017.

Are you looking forward to Halloween and attending Halloween Horror Nights? This year's attraction incorporates more television shows and movie themes than ever before. Do you plan to go? Universal Studios promises it will be the scariest event yet.

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