Halloween Costume Drama Pushes T.I. And Tiny Harris Fans To Come To Rapper's Defense After Meagan Good Posted This Picture

Halloween Costume Drama Pushes T.I. And Tiny Harris Fans To Come To Rapper's Defense After Meagan Good Posted This Picture

Poor T.I., he is getting dragged because of Meagan Good who wanted to have a little fun for Halloween while promoting their upcoming movie, Monster Hunter , which is being filmed in South Africa.

Via social media, Meagan posted the Halloween costumes that she and Tiny Harris' husband wore.

In the photo T.I. and Meagan are in military uniforms because they are shooting an action/military style film.

The pair was slammed by soldiers and veterans who say they are being disgraceful by calling army fatigues costumes.

A person stated: "That man goofy it's a matter of time before soldiers in his unit call him out. That is not a costume. he never served, so he would know."

Fans came out in force to defend the duo.

One of them said: "Megan. I don't believe you mean any disrespect. Someone is always trying to hijack another person's agenda. Your response was very honorable. Thank you for showing others not to lose their cool when they are falsely accused."

Another commenter wrote: "While what you do is commendable and greatly appreciated your lack of respect is disgusting lots of folks dress up as service men and women why because they aspire to be them when they grow up or they have a family member who is a serviceman or woman but she is an actress so for her it is a costume she did no such thing as disrespecting the honor that comes with the uniform you simply want to be seen and now you are but why would tho??‍♀️because now people can't even concentrate on the good you've done they just see a nasty disgusting man trying to tear down a woman so he can have his 5 minutes of fame smh oh and by the way didn't you disrespect the same uniform you claimed she did on your own page by posting in it and calling it a thirst trap ????shame on you. You still have some growing to do mentally I see."

This supporter claimed: "Get a f*cking life it’s a uniform ppl dress up as generals, lieutenants every Halloween something/someone they admire. That’s what wrong with this country ppl are getting upset over nothing!!!!"

A fourth person added: "If you aren't in armed forces... And you wear the uniform it's considered a costume... Otherwise, we would be impersonating an officer... Ppl need to sit they over sensitive @$$es down somewhere... They just' be looking for shyt to knick pick & be petty about... Ppl are over sensitive these days...Stay Up Stay Fly Stay Focused... One Luv Goode One Luv T.I..."

What are your thoughts on the controversy?

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  • Melanie Thompson
    Melanie Thompson Nov 5, 2018 2:01 PM PST

    Life is too short to lose your marriage you work too hard to get it she was there for you through thick and thin don't lose it over a girl in a mini skirt with a long lace front wig on and nails on everything in her life is fake you have a whole family that's real

  • Bam Young
    Bam Young Nov 5, 2018 4:49 AM PST

    I served in the U.S. Navy for 11 years, as a Master-At-Arms. I see NO problem at all!! People dress up as ALL professions on Halloween. I guess doctors, police, kings, queens, etc, should be in an uproar as we, right? Some people NEED to get a life! Good luck on your movie Megan and T.I.!!

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